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June 8, 2012


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It's 8:05 am and I woke up tired from my sleep. As I put my blankets aside getting out of bed, I quickly got dressed in my green and white apron outfit and dashed to the bathroom.

"Ah good morning myself!",  I said to myself in the mirror, "Let's work hard today and clean the place up!"

I brushed my hair as always and grabbed my beloved Pushbroom-chan and headed out the door. Dashing through the halls I came across Mr. Austria's room and jumped up to reach the door knob as always.

"Mr.Austria it's time to wake up!", I said cheerfully as I always do every morning

"mmMMH?", He answered putting on his glasses, "Oh good morning _______ you should start on the breakfast and sweeping the floors"

"Si~ Mr.Austria!", I answered cheerfully and got to work.

Mr.Austria is a very nice person, but when he defeated me in the war I am now working as a maid in his house! In return he takes care of all my government taxes and stuff so I just have to clean the place up and obey him! Most people find him mean, but when he starts playing his piano I would always love to go and listen to him. That's the only time I can relax. As I was cleaning I noticed a crack in the door, I think it's someone...........the air is too intense for me to take right now!

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! U-Umm........w-who are you?!", I screamed hugging the pushbroom.

The figured opened the door and walked into the room where I was cleaning.

"G-Good morning _________" he said.

Oh it was Holy Rome! He's this person who lives with us, but he acts strange to me for no reason.....but he's still one of my close friends who I can talk and chat with!

"Good morning sensei Rome!", I said with a smile, "How are you? It's very early and aren't you tired?"

"I'm fine thank y-you for asking me", He replied, "And I'm not sleepy thank you very much......H-hey _________?"


"Can you meet me tonight at 10 o' clock outside in the fields? I h-have something to show you", he muttered under his breath.

I was shocked and surprised at the same time! We barely talk so this was a rare chance for me!
"Sure!" I said with a smile.

"R-Really you mean it?!?!?!? Okay then see you then!" He said happily dashing away.

Wow I really can't wait! I wonder what he is going to show me! Oh wait, I have to finish my chores first and clean up the place! I'm going to do my best today!

-9:50 pm-
I put on my heavy coat and ever so quietly walked out my door into the fields. It was kind of chilly, but it has a warm feeling too. As I walked through the cold field though the flowers rustling in the cold yet gentle wind, I saw him. Holy Rome standing there waiting for ME. So I sneaked up on him.

"HOLY ROME!~", I said surprising him.

"W-WHOA!!! _________! Y-YOU SCARED ME! AND IT'S NOT EVEN 10 YET!" He said babbling on and on.


For awhile we talked on and on and on, until then.



"Will you become the Holy Roman Empire with me? Together we can be strong together and I will always protect you"


I don't know how to answer to that......I can't do it. I don't want to end up like Grandpa Rome......with all those scratches and scars. It looked painful and sad, but I can't join him even if it's Shinsen Rome.

"N-No I can't Shinsen Rome.........I can't see you end up like Grandpa...." I said sadly.

"O-Oh b-but--", he gripped my shoulder tightly.

"O-ow!!! S-Shinsen Rome you're hurting me!"

"Sorry...", He let goes, "I'm so sorry.." He turns around and dashes away.

"H-hey Shinsen Rome! Where are you going?!?!?!" I yelled at him.

There I was left alone in the cold, but my body and cheeks feels warm and it's kind of a first feeling. I guess he was just sleepy.......I'll see him tomorrow and ask him what happened today then. I sighed and walked back into the house and got into bed staring out to the window. Oh! A shooting star!

I inhaled a large portion of breath, " I wish to eat some delicious pasta, I wish to eat some delicious pasta, I wish to eat some delicious pasta--", I paused,"...........I wish me and Shinsen Rome will get along better and have a good friendship". After that I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

-Next Morning-

I  woke up as always and walked out my door until I saw a huge crowd of people. The first person I noticed was..........HOLY ROME!

"S-Shinsen Rome!!!", I called out to him dashing towards him, "What's with this?!"

The blond boy turned around and he stared at me with sad eyes, "_______....... I want to ask you one more time..Will you become the Holy Roman Empire with me?"

"N-no......I cannot...." I shook my head sadly.

"I have to get going..........I'm going to be fighting in a war _________."

I was surprised, "W-wait!!! I'll give you my push broom!"

He turned around and took it, " I..........uh...I'll come back when I win _______." He leaned closer to me and gave me a kiss on the lip and walked forward towards the gate with tears.

I started crying.........I have to be strong.......He will come back for me one day and I will make sweets for him when he does.....He has to come back or...........I don't know I can't think straight anymore.....

-A few years later-

Woke up in the morning and stared at myself. I look a bit older, but nothing changed much anyways. I dashed to Mr. Austria's room and going to tell him good morning as usual! As I entered the room he looked at me with eyes of pity.

"_______ I have something sad to tell you" He said to me.

"W-What is is?" I looked at him confused.

"It's Rome..........he just disaappered and some said that he died."

I can't believe it......he DIED? But then mind went blank and tears streamed down my face.


"I'm sorry _______" He said hugging me.

In my head I thought: Shooting star........I really wish to see him piece of my heart has been taken away and....I don't think I can live another day like this.

-Few months later-
One of the servants came into the house and handed Mr.Austria something. He quickly read it and walked over to me handing that piece of paper to me. I took it and read it carefully with a shocked face....... On that very sheet of paper it said that-----------

part 2…
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LucasandLoba Sep 25, 2013  Student Filmographer
Uh, okay?

You just, replaced Chibitalia with Reader-chan. :|
D'X THIS IS MORE CHIBITALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!Gloomy Gloomy Gloomy Gloomy Gloomy ....................I'M THE COMPLETE OPISITE!!!!!!!!!Dammit:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: Angry Sheep V1 Angry Sheep V1 Angry Sheep V1 Angry Sheep V1 Angry Sheep V1 :bother: :bother: :bother: :lag: :lag: :icon300plz: :icon300plz: :icon300plz: :icon300plz: 
I really can't imagine my deep germab voice going "ve pasta"
Sensei means teacher.
I think you might mean by Shinsen
..... So... I'm now Chibitalia... Vee~ PASSSSTTAAAA!!!
More Please !!!!!
doomsdaythedeathmaid Jul 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i am now italy......veeeeeee~
SouthUrep Jun 15, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Did I take Italy's place?
angiecake66 Jun 15, 2012  Student General Artist
Yes you did ^_^;;
SouthUrep Jun 15, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
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